How to Send an Accountant’s Copy of QuickBooks to Client?


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The .ecml file confirms your copy is legitimate when requesting technical support from QuickBooks Support. Exported list data is stored using this extension. Memorized report templates are exported using this extension. In the Modify Report window, click the Dates drop-down arrow and select All.

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When you see the confirmation screen, click the “OK” button again. At this point, you need to add the email address of the user. Go to the “New” button from the “User List” option.

How to Remove Accountant’s Copy Restrictions in QuickBooks?

Add the email address of your accountant again to confirm it is accurate. This email is used by QuickBooks to transfer your Accountant’s copy to your accountant. There are numerous risks involved with sharing QuickBooks data through email. For instance, when a different email address is entered because of a key-punching mistake, then your crucial accounting information is in the wrong hands. You can also type a note if you have special instructions or requests for your accountant. You can now easily add the file to the attachment of your email and send it to your accountant.

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