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That past experiences and success are enough to drive future wins… Business transformations often fail because leaders can’t unlearn the old way of doing things. The problem is never a lack of ideas but rather a lack of change in behavior. We were taught that learning is about adding; the more information we accumulate, the better.

This can provide a fun experience for all, and it’s an easy way to get your employees to think about how to create a better experience for the shopper and provide a great learning experience for the interns. Unlike cultures of yore where recognition was given in private behind the closed door of the boss’s office, people today want peer recognition and celebration. You don’t need anything that’s a huge time or money sacrifice, but make space to celebrate growth as a company. Throw a party, send swag after hitting milestones, or even deploy an email blast about an individual’s or team’s win to keep growth going strong. Leadership is responsible for creating an environment where people feel safe to make mistakes and take calculated risks.

3 Mind and Culture Vygotsky’s Theory

With Nadella situated as the curator of culture, Microsoft’s stock price provides quantifiable proof. It outperformed the S&P 500 index by over 80% during his tenure. Say goodbye to strategy spreadsheets and hello to fast results with the new Cascade experience. One of the most celebrated benefits of the Cascade platform is the visibility of the current status of the goals.

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